Sonntag, 17. Mai 2015

Mobile Data Entry with Terminals - Update

To make data entry with mobile data terminals much easier, we updated our software package WIN CE MOBILE DATA with an OK button.

Step 1: Simple input article number via keyboard or barcode

Step 2: read and control additional article information in display, e.g. article text, location place and current asset,

Step 3: input value and submit input with OK button.


Software automatically saves a data record with article no, value with additional information e.g. input type, user, date / time and an additional field you can use for optional input information, e.g. invoice / customer number. Data format of input file is XLS CSV for easy data processing with other inventory software at your computer.

Supported input types are currently inventory, approach, dispatch, ordering or relocation.

To make it easy: you can download a free trial version from our website. Runs at MTD systems with Windows CE / Windows Mobile or also at your desktop PC under standard Windows...

Win Ce Mobile Data Software Package - Website

Dienstag, 12. Mai 2015

WWS Batch Data Capturing Software with SQL Client

Try a software for easily data capturing in industrial environment

Table view with detailed information about the input from the past...

Input window for dispatch, approach, inventory or order...

Supports article host file with additional article information, e.g. no, item text, location and current asset value

Settings windows for user definations, including SQL setup for direct inline sql client of the program

Input data available for SQL databases or as XLS CSV data file for direct using / import in office software, e.g. Excel or Calc

Try our demo and learn more how easy it is:

Dienstag, 10. März 2015

WIN CE MOBILE DATA Software Package for mobile Inventory

         This software package is for your mobile data terminal MDT. It supports most used jobs for mobile data capturing in stocks or warehousing, inventory stock management and more.

Contains functions for dispatch, approach, inventory, relocation (including storage place) and order / packing. Easy to use, free configurable and with standard XLS / CSV data formats for a wide field of data processing.

Useable for most MDT systems with Windows CE / Windows Mobile (C) operating system!

  •  Inventory Software Package for mobile data terminals
  • Designed for using at MDT systems with Windows / Windows Mobile (c) (from CE 5.0) and QVGA display (240x320)
  • Supports barcode input via laser scanner / RFID proximity input
  • Integrated INVENTORY, APPROCH, DISPATCH, ORDER / PACKING, RELOCATION and more in one software package
  • Supports WiFi / wireless LAN for wireless network communication / data communication with FTP protocoll
  • Allows Upload of an article HOST file with text, location, price and asset information.
  • Open CSV / XLS data formats - for processing the data with Office, Excel or your own software package, additional data processing with our PC based stock management software possible 
  • German or English language version available - other native languages available on request via software service
  • Note: if you prefer mobile data capturing for measurement or workman - see our package
Demo version for free trial is available from our website:

Montag, 28. April 2014

SQL Data Viewer Software

For some applications it meight be helpful to get a fast and easy view inside ypur SQL database: 
For fast and easy handling of SQL data tables we present the SQL DATA VIEWER software for Microsoft SQL Server. Comfortable ways of table view, inside sorting possibilities and data export converter and printing menus. Data will be shown in easy table design as known from Office software packages. Addin converter allows data export into Excel XLS CSV or in XML data formats. Additional with filter menus for several table columns.  

Addon feature: the software can used inside LAN network also, for direct acccess to databases on a remote SQL server inside network. 

For easy using an extensive installation is not needed: easy download from our website, unpack the ZIP file and start the software...

Webiste SQL Data Viewer with free demo software

Dienstag, 28. Mai 2013

VB DOT Net: Making a Recent File list

There are several ways to create a recent file list. I did not found an official way, so i made my own:

1) I will save recent files in a separate file RecentFiles_Filename inside user app data. During software i will use the files inside a string array named as RecentFiles_List. I will work with 5 recent files.

    Public Const RecentFiles_MaxConst = 5
    Private RecentFiles_List(RecentFiles_MaxConst) As String
    Private RecentFiles_Filename As String = Application.UserAppDataPath & "\Recent_Files_List.txt"

2) During startup inside Private Sub Form_Open_Shown

        'Read recent files from file. save it to array
            Me.RecentFiles_List = IO.File.ReadAllLines(Me.RecentFiles_Filename)
        Catch ex As Exception
            If Form1.DebugMode Then
                MessageBox.Show(ex.Message, "Read Recent File List:", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Asterisk)
            End If
        End Try

        'It does not matter how much inside file, we cut the list at 5 entrys!
        If Me.RecentFiles_List.Length > Form_Open.RecentFiles_MaxConst Then
            Array.Resize(Me.RecentFiles_List, Form_Open.RecentFiles_MaxConst)
        End If

        'Recent Files. Show Array

3) During closing Form_Open_FormClosing

        'Close: Save Recent File Array to list
            IO.File.WriteAllLines(Me.RecentFiles_Filename, Me.RecentFiles_List)
        Catch ex As Exception
            MessageBox.Show(ex.Message, "Write Recent File List:", MessageBoxButtons.OK)
        End Try

4) During opening a file i need this:


5) And this are the main subs:

    Private Sub Show_RecentFiles()
        'Show Recent Files. from array into listbox


        For i As Integer = 0 To RecentFiles_MaxConst - 1
            If String.IsNullOrEmpty(Me.RecentFiles_List(i)) = False Then
            End If
    End Sub

    Private Sub Update_RecentFiles(ByVal myFile As String)
        'Update Recent File List. Parameter1: Dateiname akt Datei

        'Check ob File bereits in Recent List. Falls JA: Exit!
        For i As Integer = 0 To RecentFiles_MaxConst - 1
            If myFile = RecentFiles_List(i) Then
                Exit Sub
            End If

        'Recent List um 1 verschieben. Neue Datei einfügen
        RecentFiles_List(4) = RecentFiles_List(3)
        RecentFiles_List(3) = RecentFiles_List(2)
        RecentFiles_List(2) = RecentFiles_List(1)
        RecentFiles_List(1) = RecentFiles_List(0)

        RecentFiles_List(0) = myFile

    End Sub

We use this inside our stock and management software:

Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2011

TRM920 changes up to OTP57V

 Sometime it is time to say goodbye... This point reached for the more then 10 years old linux / DOS panel PC TRM920 just right now.

Because of the awful desaster and earthquake in japan, the manufacturer stopped the production of the CFL backlighted LCD version 5.7" with QVGA display in 320x240 resolution.

Of course there are many other display types in the world - but the disappearing of a main part as the display - it is a good idea to create a new system. We started with this in the beginning of last year - and are finished yet! The new part - and let us say: Hello and welcome is the panel PC system OTP57V!

A brandnew display with highest brightness, VGA resolution 640x480 pixel (still in 5.7") together with a touch screen for modern and innovative user interfaces. All together with a powerful x86 32bit embedded CPU (LOW power, fanless!) and with linux (2.6.) and Java 6 (J2SE with swing support) preinstalled. Perfectly fitting in 19" racks  and with much more features (e.g. serial, CF, CAN, USB support) then the TRM920 never contained!

See a complete technical description at the website of AE SYTEME www.terminal-systems - directly here: OTP57V.

Donnerstag, 15. September 2011

Embedded linux meets java - touch panel PC OTP57V

Embedded linux meets Java. This combination offers a more powerful range for user customized applications. To bring this in the automation environment: AE SYSTEMS now offering the new operator touch panel PC OTP57V with:

  • A complete x86 based 32bit PC comptabile hardware as industrial all in one PC
  • Bright 5.7" display with TFT color and VGA resolution in 640x480
  • Integrated touch screen as easy useable pointing device
  • Several interfaces e.g. COM ports, USB, onboard CAN controller, ethernet LAN networking interface
The whole system is designed to fit perfectly in 19" system standard. An embedded linux kernel and JAVA VM is preinstalled (Java 6, J2SE) and ready to run. This allows the creation of user defined applicatons by standard development tools and the OTP57V can be the optimized base for own control applicatons in automation, in machines and more.

Seee technical details directly at webpage: